Saturday, September 27, 2008

Astrology, Fortune Speak and Macbeth

We are surrounded with people who can read our palms, study our stars, use a parrot or a tarrot... whatever and millions are being spent to understand what the future holds for us. Am I saying this is wrong or right? Thats not the issue, though I have had animated discussions with my friends on the futility of such an exercise. For long I look at this entire subject from a very religious eye glasses and condemned it with the belief that God holds the future.

Off late I am trying hard to look at things very differently, as a human being with no eye glasses at all. After all when you are trying to talk to your friend its best to be like them, understand them and deal the way they want to be dealt. I have removed these glasses now and I have plunged myself into having a normal vision. The best source of my understanding comes from reading. And Shakespeare influenced the climate of modern thought.

Macbeth gives us an excellent way to handle superstition. I am not using the word superstition pejoratively.

Lady Macbeth particularly, and Macbeth are greatly influenced by what the witches had predicted. They were driven by this and changed their behavior (completely rewired themselves is a better word). So they actually departed from the normal character. This is the gravest mistake when we get so influenced by the prediction of an event that we try to manipulate the process leading to the event. By doing this the Mabeth's lead a life which was not their own, and indulged in violent acts that bruised their own conscience.

The book must be read by every Indian who believes in Furture speak. It will help them handle themselves better. For Macbeth who believed in what the witches said wanted to erase their next prediction of what will happen to him through his enemies.

Funny when you get caught into this intricate web of stars and signs, you need to realize this maze of movement will conflict with a star or the future of another and thus jeopardize your own life and future. You get so dependent on the web and not on your self. Is it best to stay out? No its not like that. Its best to handle such things wisely

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